last updated 11/08/2007

You have just stumbled upon a small and insignificant website. And you stop and think to yourself "self, why must i be here now" and let me tell you your reason for being here. There is one reason and one reason only, to support the spontaneous swelling of spawned monkeys. Wait! now your thinking "what the fuck?" and... your right that didn't make any sense what so ever, so it isn't just you. So please don't bitch and just try to enjoy yourself.

so it seems that about once a year i update this page
NEW!! - !!!!ALL NEW STYLING AND FORMAT!!!! (will never happen here)
Still celebrating - for those who care

Also: -- what would you do if YOU spend a year in college taking HTML classes and this is the only website you support and you made it in high school.... i could post better stuff on my hairy ass.


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useless information for wasting
Yea this is definetly useless, the whole page is worthless and pathetic

*some links*
NO, how damning - 6 years and still nothing significant enough to link except my own crappy shit
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